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Together, we'll make sure your website is easily found online.

A great website is useless if no one ever sees it

SEO or search engine optimization is one of the most important parts within online marketing. With a good strategy, you will ensure that your website is at the top of Google search results.

Why is this important? Because about 80% of Internet users use Google to look things up and three-quarters of them never look beyond the first page.

So you invest time in making your website more findable. And we can help with that

Our approach

Analysis. Planning. Improve.

Before we start, it is hugely important to analyze exactly what needs to be improved. Based on this analysis, we will draw up a schedule which we will be happy to carry out for you afterwards.


The ultimate SEO guide for beginners

Want to learn more about how SEO works? If so, our guide can help you take a big step forward. In this guide, we’ll take a closer look at the 10 most important SEO ranking factors and give you tips and tricks to improve your website’s SEO.

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Why is SEO so important?

Better Visibility

Making sure your website is found is the basis of everything. With good SEO, you'll be at the top of the search results and visible to your potential customers.

More Leads

By building your website in a user-friendly way and adapting it to the wishes and goals of your target group, you can quickly convert these visitors into real leads.

Free Visitors

A good SEO strategy will get you to the top of the search results organically. As a result, the visitors who land on your website by clicking on your link do not cost a penny.

B2B and B2C

Whether you sell to businesses or individuals, everyone searches the Internet. We ensure that our strategy is tailored to your specific target audience.

Blue Pixl Media has the right mix of editors and marketers to bring the entire marketing process to a successful conclusion.
Nancy Van De Brande
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