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During the year, we launch several media promotions on our platforms TechPulse, TechRadar, Clickx and Shoot. These actions are the ideal time to highlight your product and/or service with special promotions.

Below you will find an overview of our actions throughout the year.

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Easter Egg Hunt 2022

Everything can be done digitally these days, including the hunt for tasty Easter eggs. TechPulse and TechRadar are hosting an Easter Egg Hunt for readers this year. Every weekday from April 11 to April 14, 2022, we will reveal a new easter egg. It’s up to them to join in and get as many chances as possible, because there are some top prizes among them again!

From Monday, April 11 through April 14, 2022, we will reveal a new Easter egg each day. The Hunt will begin at noon sharp each day and the winner of the previous day will also be determined immediately.

Summer Give-Away 2022

The summer of 2022 promises to be a summer where everyone gets to do what they want again. For us the reason to set up the Summer Give-Away, the perfect opportunity for you to put your product in the spotlight during this period.

From week 26 through week 30, we will be giving away a new product each week. The campaign will begin every Tuesday at 12:00 sharp and the winner will be notified personally one week after participating immediately.

Back 2 School

Summer vacation is in full swing. After the vacations we all get back to work in full force, a good time to put your product in the spotlight and put extra effort into conversion. Discover the added value TechPulse can have for your product or webshop. With the options we offer, we can bring your product or webshop to the attention of your relevant target group, thereby increasing brand awareness and conversion!

Black Friday

Black Friday is traditionally the day when the most purchases are made in the year due to the huge discounts offered everywhere. We collect and promote the best deals during this period to make the choice a lot easier for our readers.

12 Days of Christmas

This year we are hosting our “12 Days of Christmas” campaign again. In the 12 days before Christmas, this campaign will run on, and to create attention for your product in a playful way. During 12 Days of Christmas, visitors can participate in a new contest every day.

Vision on 2023

A new edition of the e-book will follow again this year: Vision on 2023. This e-book contains a compilation of interviews of business leaders and opinion leaders who air their views and opinions on 2023.


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