Programmatic Advertising

A premium ad network that will make you happy as a media buyer.

Programmatic ad network of +70 websites in three countries

At Blue Pixl Media we, in partnership with Future plc, exclusively offer the inventory of more than 70 websites across three countries. Within our advertising network, you reach more than 7 million unique visitors on 15 million page views per month. That’s a huge reach that you as a buyer are definitely going to be happy about.

Premium Inventory

With us, you are guaranteed a premium inventory: you buy from premium sites that are often even the reference within their niche. This way you place your message where it is relevant and don’t have to worry about where your ads end up.

The Possibilities

You can buy from us through real time bidding (RTB), through a private marketplace (PMP) and through programmatic guaranteed (PG) deals. Each of these options has its own features and benefits, see the overview below:

Bids Yes Yes No
Purchasers Everyone More One buyer
Priority Lowest Above RTB Highest Priority
Formats Standard Premium Premium
Targeting Verticals, contextual, target audience, areas of interest Verticals, contextual, target audience, areas of interest Detailed
Warranty on impressions No No Yes
Cookies 3rd party 1st party 1st party

Monthly Reach

We reach over 7,000,000 unique visitors each month on 15,000,000 page views.

Unique Visitors
Pageviews per month

Some of our websites

cyclingnewskopie logo wit
pcgamer logo wit
digitalcameraworld logo wit
space logo wit
tomsguide logo wit

Start Programmatic Advertising

At Blue Pixl media, we specialise in reaching the right target group via the right channel for your business.

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