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Relevance and trust: the basis for lead generation!

Customized lead generation: guaranteed and quality leads.

We strongly believe in providing the right content (white papers/videos/…) to the right audience, within the right editorial environment. By situating your content within this relevant environment in the right place, we increase the likelihood of action and conversion.

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The gated content model of Blue Pixl Media

The basic lead generation model focuses on offering your quality (gated) content on our sites. Gated content means that interested parties must first leave their information before they can access it. This data will then be shared with you after the interested parties have given their consent. In this way you will get a complete list of interested people and potential buyers of your product.

Importantly, the quality of the content has a major impact on the outcome of the campaign and therefore the quality of the leads. Content should be problem- and solution-oriented. Thus, a product brochure or flyer is not desirable and will not produce as good results.

The unique and distinctive feature of this model is the collaboration between pull and push lead generation, which Blue Pixl Media is able to deploy like no other because of its large reach.

The (gated) content is distributed editorially through TechPulse’s homepages, topic centers and newsletters. From there, readers are sent to the landing page where they can leave their information.


Readers are actively approached via (targeted) dedicated mails and banners to download the (gated) content. They are sent from there to the landing page where they leave their information. This basic model serves as a benchmark and can be customized if desired. For example, consider performance-based models or models where we send your advertising message to the leads in real time to optimize your conversion rate.

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At Blue Pixl media, we specialise in reaching the right target group via the right channel for your business.

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