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Next: Digital Transformation Day 2022

Digital Transformation is gaining momentum. Trends follow each other up faster and faster, current events change by the day. Similarly, the Digital Transformation Day also going through a transition, since the last edition we are fully digital. In exclusive webinars, experts update you on today’s digital developments. Which innovations really deliver gains? What is relevant to your sector? Increase your knowledge, and decide for yourself.

Up next: Black Friday

Black Friday is traditionally the day when the most purchases in the year are made, due to the huge discounts offered everywhere. We collect and promote the best deals during this period to make the choice a lot easier for our readers.

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Strong platforms.

Blue Pixl Media features some of the largest media platforms in technology and photography. Discover the power of them all.

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Looking for a way to highlight your product at the right time and place? We are here for you. Taking advantage of our seasonal promotions makes this a breeze.

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By advertising on our platforms, you will truly be seen. With a combined reach of more than 5 million visitors per month, the possibilities are endless. To set yourself apart from the rest, you need rock solid content.


Discover the power of our events. With our events, including seminars, webinars, training sessions and online only events, we appeal to a broad spectrum of decision makers in IT-related companies and departments.

We help you to increase your reach.

At Blue Pixl media, we specialise in reaching the right target audience via the right channel for your business.

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