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Make sure you are clearly visible 👀

By advertising on our media platforms, you will truly be seen. With over 2.8 million page views per month, the possibilities are endless.

Programmatic Advertising

In partnership with Future plc, we exclusively offer the inventory of more than 70 websites across three countries. Reach over 7 million unique visitors on 15 million page views per month.

Dedicated e-mailing

Email is still one of the biggest and most effective tools within the online marketing world. Sending mailings is a quick and relatively inexpensive way to get potential customers to take action.


Your message is delivered in a familiar environment. We know our readers better than anyone and will help you formulate the message to fit them. The reader recognizes the message within our familiar platform and will linger longer for this reason.


The road to conversions has never been closer. The relevance of the popup ensures high CTR and engagement.

Display advertising

Get more leads and brand awareness with display advertising. We make sure your message is shown to the right audience at the right time.


Have your product, service, software, game, ... tested by our specialized editors. After testing, there will be a comprehensive review online where all details and specifications will be thoroughly explained.

Test Panel

The power of consumer reviews: not to be underestimated! Get your product tested by our readers.


We help you write content that is interesting, exciting, informative or entertaining - and preferably all at once.

Lead generation

Relevance and trust, that's the basis of a good lead generation campaign. By placing your content in the right environment, we increase the likelihood of action and conversion.

News article

Media attention for your brand, product. A news article written by our experienced content writers. About your brand, product or service.

Social Media

By being visible and actively participating, you raise your company's profile in the marketplace. We'd like to list a few reasons how social media can bring success to your business.

Need help writing content?📝

We know; content writing is not easy. To set yourself apart from the rest, you need rock solid content and a strong strategy. We help you write content that is interesting, exciting, informative or entertaining – and preferably all at once. There are already too many advertisements on the Internet that people no longer want to read. They seek answers to their questions and information that will make their lives better or easier.


Is your website in urgent need of fresh texts that attract your target group and seduce them into action? After first strategizing with you about what content needs to be written, our editors get to work. Of course, we also keep an eye on SEO guidelines and the content marketing plan! From a complete content makeover to informative white papers to making 404 pages convert, it's all possible.

Ghost writing

Do you have different products coming out every month, but no time to write a text to go with them? We help you here and write in your name haunting texts that convince the reader of your product.

Blog post

Does your target audience have questions that you solve by using your expertise? No problem, we'll put your expertise in the spotlight and answer the questions of your target audience in informative, inspiring and unique blog posts.

Social Media

Social media is ingrained in our lives. Again, our content creators have got it covered. Social media posts are written to entertain and persuade your target audience. If appropriate, even with a naughty wink!

Email Marketing

Email is alive and well! But it is important to tailor the message to your target audience. With the right content targeted at the right person, this is a very strong medium to stay in the minds of your leads and convert them into real customers or even ambassadors of your brand.


Sometimes you have a lot to say about one particular subject. We will write an e-book or white paper for you from the first letter to the final pdf. Our designers package the full story in a fun way.

How do we proceed?

1/ Briefing

You know your target audience and business best. That’s why we need your input to create rock solid content. During an initial briefing, we will ask the necessary critical questions to determine the right target audience, objective and correct content marketing strategy.

2/ Define strategy

Based on the findings during the briefing, we create a content strategy with a description of the topics and keywords we will write content about and the platforms we will share it on. A good strategy makes for good content marketing.

3/ Content Creation

Our team of passionate and experienced editors will get to work for you. They review the brief and begin creating your content.

4/ Feedback

Of course, we need your feedback. Teamwork, makes the dream work. We don’t like clichés, but it’s true. Only with your feedback will we achieve the best results.

We help to expand your reach.

At Blue Pixl media, we specialise in reaching the right target group via the right channel for your business.

Are you looking for the ideal partner to streamline your marketing activities and increase your profits? Then contact us for a talk.

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