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The platform that brings business technology news and background every day

Technology is a tool that helps companies in achieving their goals. Every day TechPulse Business brings business technology news and background and analysis of developments in business IT, technology and science.

Reach a wide audience

TechPulse Business brings numerous studies, surveys and interesting cases from Belgian companies. With stories that inspire, but also warn of dangers and pitfalls. In clear language that can be translated immediately into practice. It also regularly tests productivity tools and business hardware and software that decision makers are looking for to optimize their business.

Our possibilities

Business IT. Tech. Science.

On TechPulse Business, you reach a broad audience of business executives, influencing their company’s strategic decisions. Bring your message to the attention of managers in the Belgian technology sector.

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The target group of
TechPulse Business

TechPulse Business has a wide reach among managers. They influence their company’s strategic decisions. TechPulse Business’ target audience includes general, financial, marketing, HR and IT managers, as well as communications leaders. All bear responsibility for the operation and profitability of their business by engaging technology in a strategic perspective.

30 - 65 year old

Higher-educated and managers public.


On average, TechPulse Business achieves 150,000 pageviews/month.

Newsletter subscribers

A total of 36,000 people subscribed to the newsletter.


The largest number of visitors to our website are from Belgium and speak Dutch.

Unique visitors

On average, TechPulse Business has 75,000 unique visitors/month.

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