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TechPulse looks past the news of the day, bringing you background and analysis of developments in IT, technology and science. TechPulse digs deeper and looks at the impact of technological advances on our daily lives and ways of working.

Moreover, with a whole host of new concepts in the pipeline, TechPulse will continue to grow in the near future. Every day, an experienced editorial team is ready to shine a light on the latest products and innovations. The website is the basis for that coverage, but it also looks beyond it. Social media like Facebook, Instagram and Linkedin are also part of spreading news.

Our capabilities

IT. Technology. Science.

TechPulse brings you background and analysis of developments in IT, technology and science. Through our advertising opportunities, you reach a large group of IT interested people who are responsible for ICT purchases for themselves or their company.

Display advertising

Get more leads and brand awareness with display advertising. We make sure your message is shown to the right audience at the right time.

Lead generation

Relevance and trust, that's the basis of a good lead gen campaign. By placing your content in the right environment, we increase the likelihood of action and conversion.


Because you can have popups shown on specific pages, you know the reader already has an interest in a particular topic. This relevance ensures high CTR and engagement.

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Target group

Who do you reach with TechPulse?

18 - 65 year olds

Higher education, interest and affinity with ICT.


The largest number of visitors to our website are from Belgium and speak Dutch.


On average, TechPulse achieves 650,000 pageviews/month.

Unique visitors

On average, TechPulse has 325,000 unique visitors/month.

Newsletter subscribers

In total, more than 60,000 people have subscribed to the newsletter.


ICT news, test reports, comprehensive files and downloads.

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