ICT Yearbook

The reference work par excellence for anyone involved with ICT.

Leading research on the Belgian ICT market

With over 160 pages, the ICT Yearbook is more than ever the reference work par excellence for decision makers and anyone who – at whatever level – is involved with ICT within their organization. It is the first tool in selecting a supplier.

Content of the ICT Yearbook

  • A comprehensive and high-profile study of the ICT market. In it, we poll for spending levels, market shares and supplier satisfaction.
  • Case studies, interviews and overview stories on key technology opportunities.
  • Easily consultable summary lists. In it, the reader will find per theme the contact details and brands of the main IT and e-business companies active on the Belgian market.
  • In each case, this information is grouped into 6 main themes: Trends, Software, Hardware, Security, Services and Network & Telecom.
  • Release date: September 23

Become part of the research on the Belgian ICT market?

Each year a unique survey is conducted from which the figures for the ICT Yearbook are derived. This research includes:

  • Market shares and satisfaction in Belgium (in hardware, software, service providers and telecom)
  • ICT plans and investments of Belgian companies
  • Questions about how Belgian companies are handling SMACS (e.g., are they concerned about AI, are employees allowed on social media during work hours, are they GDPR compliant)
Pricing: €3500 (limited number of participants)

This includes the following:

  • Your logo will be included in all communications we send around the study (from announcement to report, in print and online).
  • You get a 1/1 page in the ICT Yearbook to put your company extra in the picture.
  • You can suggest 3 additional questions for the survey that are of interest to your company.
  • Your company name/logo will appear in the research report in the ICT Yearbook.
  • The report will also be reprinted in the ICT Yearbook 2021/2022 with mention of the sponsors.
  • You will receive the detailed (raw) data. Many more conclusions can be drawn from this than are published in the ICT Yearbook.
  • The survey period is from June to early August and will appear in the ICT Yearbook on September 23, 2021.

Full Impact

Best deal

  • The attractive all-in multimedia formula with the enterprise package gives your company a prominent presence for an entire year, both in the ICT Yearbook and online.
  • A 2/1 page interview in the section "Managers Speaking. Your CEO's vision of ICT and the new evolutions in the market. This will give you the opportunity to set or illustrate a new trend.
  • A 1/1 page at one of the main themes of your choice with your company profile. Supplemented with your logo and contact details

Double Impact

Most popular choice

  • 2/1 pages at one of the main themes of your choice with your company profile, completed with your logo and contact information. Your business case, advertorial, or ad will appear on the left-hand page.


Starter Pack

  • 1/1 page in one of the main themes of your choice with your company profile, completed with your logo and contact details

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