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A no-nonsense magazine with a unique take on the digital world

The platform about the digital world, news, hints and practical tips

Clickx is the most read computer magazine in Belgium. This practical and no-nonsense magazine brings a unique perspective on the digital world, with an informed opinion. We have also grown into a strong online platform.

The team behind Clickx provides a balanced mix between computer and multimedia news and thinks outside the box. The magazine and platform contain a mix of the following.

What can you expect?

Background Stories
Buying Guides
Testing of hardware and software
Hints & Tips
Our capabilities

Multimedia. Consumer Electronics. Technology.

In Clickx magazine and on one can read background stories and
buying guides, as well as tests of hardware, software
and services. Clickx helps readers get more out of their multimedia
thanks to the numerous (video) workshops,
courses, hints and tips.

Display advertising

Get more leads and brand awareness with display advertising. We make sure your message is shown to the right audience at the right time.


Do you have a unique message or a new product that really needs to be highlighted? Use an advertorial to reach your target audience.


Have your product, service, software,
game, ... tested by our specialized editors. After testing, there will be a comprehensive review online where all details and specifications will be thoroughly explained.


The target group of Clickx

Higher educated, between the ages of 18 and 70, belonging to the upper social classes.

Clickx targets a broad consumer audience of active computer users.

He is more educated and a loyal fan of the magazine. Despite not being a computer techie, he does see his computer as the ideal tool to experience or expand his hobbies. Going along with technological evolutions and then applying that knowledge is important to him. He expects Clickx to provide him with much-needed inspiration, while also providing answers to questions he struggles with.

Multimedia are important housemates for Clickx readers. By reading Clickx, he derives more pleasure from his investment. Pleasure that also translates into the purchase of additional hardware and software. A digital camera, for example. Or a new photo printer. Clickx readers like to see these purchases substantiated in their favorite magazine. He gets the necessary information from the comparative tests.

Target group

Who do you reach with Clickx?

18 - 75 year old

From higher social classes


The largest number of readers of Clickx magazine and visitors to live in Belgium and are Dutch speakers.


On average, Clickx achieves 240,000 pageviews/month.

Unique visitors

On average, Clickx has 100,000 unique visitors/month.

Newsletter subscribers

A total of 65,000 people subscribed to the newsletter.


Digital world, news, hints and practical tips

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