Performance Audit

Do you want to achieve a higher online return?

Do you already have a functional website but are still curious to see if there is more to come from it?

Let our experts vet your entire digital presence with our performance audit. Find out how you can gather more leads or generate more sales by optimizing your online efforts.

We will come and explain the results of our performance audit in person using a comprehensive but clear action plan.

Our team is ready to vet your digital approach.


  • How far along you already are on the digital front
  • Whether your current budget is yielding a 100% return
  • How we can boost your digital presence
  • Which Quick-Wins immediately create better results
  • What opportunities there are to gain more sales

What to expect.

Marketing experts

The audit will be conducted and explained by experts who have years of experience within digital marketing, both for small independent SMEs and international companies.

Plan of Action

How is your website structured? Does he have a clear structure? Are your CTAs in the right place? Are you employing the right strategy? Are you optimizing optimally? You'll get a clear plan of action from us to increase your ROI.

Honest communication

We conduct the audit as if it were for our own company. Therefore, in the personal explanation, we will always communicate honestly and openly.

Quick savings

We also provide some quick-wins in our comprehensive audit report. These can help increase your returns immediately.

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