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Uva D'Oro

Italian wines chosen with passion
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Uva D'Oro: Wine merchant of Italian wines.

Blue Pixl Media had the pleasure of writing a commercial story for Uva D’Oro. The Ham-based company imports its wines directly from select wineries in Italy. Business owner Nancy Van De Brande had her webshop analyzed by several companies, but quickly chose Blue Pixl Media. The passionate wine merchant from Ham looks back with us at their new website, with webshop.


The choice for Blue Pixl Media was quickly made.

“I received the same question from several companies in a short time: whether they could analyze my webshop and make a proposal,” says Nancy. “What made me choose Blue Pixl Media right away? The clear language and the pleasant contact. With other companies I experienced that as more distant and commercial. But above all: they used language I didn’t understand. As a customer, to gain trust, I would like to understand what a company is telling me. After all, I am not an IT professional. That’s why I didn’t continue with them and why I chose Blue Pixl Media”, explains the wine specialist.

Responding effectively to customer requirements

“I also had the feeling from the beginning that Blue Pixl Media was thinking with me: they clearly knew what my company needed. They paid a lot of attention to SEO And findability in Google. Thanks to them, I was able to get started on a limited budget and have plenty of room for future growth and upgrades to the website,” says Nancy. “Then they worked out a beautiful formula. And I think that’s the most important thing: it completely met the story of Uva D’Oro and our needs. All my expectations were met, with room for future updates,” notes Nancy with satisfaction.


Extremely satisfied with the customer service

Nancy is also particularly upbeat about customer service. “During the first kick-off meeting, everything was immediately discussed very openly and deeply. There was never any beating around the bush. Even after the sale, I could smoothly contact Blue Pixl Media with all my questions and I got a clear answer quickly every time.

I can always come to you with all my questions

Why I would recommend Blue Pixl Media for a website? That’s definitely their wide range of content experience. In addition to an excellent knowledge of web design, they employ marketeers and editors who complete the commercial picture with the right decor” concludes Nancy

Promising initial results

In Google Search Console, you can easily see how the click and display ratio increases or decreases over different months. At Uva D’Oro, the first results already look very promising!

Blue Pixl Media has the right mix of editors and marketers to bring the entire marketing process to a successful conclusion.
Nancy Van De Brande
Uva D'Oro
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