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We make better photographers of our readers

The platform for photographers

Shoot is the platform for and by photographers. We distinguish ourselves by a very hands-on approach. Our mission is to make all our readers better photographers. We do this through our magazine (published 8 times a year), our website, our social media and our events. With love for the pictures and images.

What can you expect?

Expert reviews
Photo inspiration
Practical stories
Detailed buying guides
Organic web traffic
Returning Readers
Our possibilities

Photography. Inspiration. Practice.

In Shoot magazine and on you can find everything about photography.
From news to detailed tests, practical tips, workshops
and inspiring photo stories.

Display advertising

The Shoot website receives more than 100,000 unique visitors each month. The perfect place to put your products in the spotlight through Display advertising.

Shoot magazine

Shoot magazine is published 8 times a year. In it you will find our in-depth pieces and there is also space to advertise.

Dedicated emails

With our dedicated emails, you will immediately reach a large base of true photography fanatics. This way, your message will immediately reach the right target group.


The target audience of Shoot

The Shoot-reader is between 25 and 65, highly educated, professionally active with a medium to high income and a broad interest in photography, tourism, music, culture, internet and computers. He or she is an amateur photographer with the ambition to take high quality pictures, or a professional photographer. His/her device, or planned purchase, is a digital reflex camera or system camera, for which he/she will purchase various add-ons and accessories in the future.
The reader of Shoot is not necessarily very tech-savvy, but wants to invest in his or her hobby and is looking for a clear and reliable source of information to do so.

Target group

Who do you reach with Shoot?

25 - 65 year old

Higher education, interest and affinity for photography.


The largest number of readers of Shoot magazine and visitors to live in Belgium and are Dutch speakers.


On average, Shoot has 100,000 pageviews/month.

Unique visitors

On average, Shoot has 50,000 unique visitors/month.

Newsletter subscribers

In total, more than 13,000 people subscribed to the newsletter.


News, inspiration, practice stories, practical hints and tips, and reviews.

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