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The full offer of Disney Plus, Viaplay and HBO Max in a row!

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GoStreaming keeps you up to date on the latest news, announcements and information on Disney Plus, Viaplay and HBO Max.

With a rising trend in on-demand media consumption, GoStreaming will continue to grow in the near future. Every day, an experienced editorial team is on hand to shine a light on the latest titles and announcements.

Our possibilities

Disney Plus. Viaplay. HBO Max.

GoStreaming brings you the latest news, titles and announcements from Disney Plus, Viaplay and HBO Max. Through our advertising options you reach a large group of media consumers who are willing to pay for good content.

Display advertising

Get more leads and brand awareness with display advertising. We make sure your message is shown to the right audience at the right time.


Do you have a unique message or a new product that really needs to be highlighted? Use an advertorial to reach your target audience.


Because you can have popups shown on specific pages, you know the reader already has an interest in a particular topic. This relevance ensures high CTR and engagement.

Target group

Who do you reach with GoStreaming?

18 - 65 year olds

Higher education, interest and affinity with media, movies and series. Always looking for content. Enthusiastic streaming enthusiasts


The largest number of visitors to our website come from the Netherlands and Belgium and speak Dutch.


On average, GoStreaming has 150,000 pageviews/month.

Unique visitors

On average, GoStreaming has 75,000 unique visitors/month.


News, announcements and information on Disney Plus, Viaplay and HBO Max.

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